6 Ways a Digital Transformation Will Optimize Municipal Parking Management

6 Ways a Digital Transformation Will Optimize Municipal Parking Management

Municipal parking organizations are rethinking parking management. Manual processes and outdated software aren’t keeping up with changing needs and the increased pressure to provide high quality parking services for the community. Taking a new approach with parking services is good for your community and your bottom line. Replacing inefficient systems with a modern, integrated parking management systems will cut costs, increase revenues and improve the customer experience. Here are 6 ways a digital transformation will optimize municipal parking management.

How to Cut Costs, Increase Revenue with Modern Technology

Parking is a commodity and no one knows that better than parking authorities and the drivers within your community. Forward-thinking municipalities and parking organizations are taking full advantage of modern technology to boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

There are 6 major ways a digital transformation will get you there.

  1. Centralize data: There is a surprising amount of diverse data that goes into parking management operations, including staffing schedules, occupancy rates and pricing. Disconnected systems isolate this data in silos, making it difficult to use. While spreadsheets fill the gaps, they also lead to redundant data entry which wastes valuable time and increases the risk for errors. A modern, integrated solution will centralize data, deliver accurate and timely information to your leaders, and support smart decision-making.
  2. Manage pricing and revenues: Manual parking counts and occasional parking studies present only a snapshot in time. Without regular, consistent and real-time data, it’s difficult to identify trends with occupancy and revenues. A more robust parking management solution aggregates data and delivers comprehensive information about occupancy, revenue, duration and rate change data. Business intelligence (BI) features highlight trends that you can use to develop dynamic pricing, adjust rates and hours of restrictions, and reevaluate time limits to boost revenues.
  3. Simplify operations: Municipalities are responding to the pressure to plug in alongside the today’s plugged-in population. A modern parking management solution offers the ability to deliver digital services to customers and integrate with existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Connected information will make it easier for customers to make mobile payments, purchase parking memberships, or reserve spots. Historic data improves strategic plans and justifies the return on investment for parking facilities.
  4. Control costs and complexity of IT: Parking authorities that choose to implement cloud-based systems remove the burden from IT teams that are already stretched thin. Whether you choose a cloud or on-premise deployment, replacing disconnected legacy systems with an integrated solution eliminates maintenance and support of multiple IT systems and software. Today’s connected applications are flexible and able to remain aligned with your needs today and far into the future.
  5. Strengthen financial and operational reporting: A unified data management system aggregates and centralizes data, putting it within reach for your key leaders. This technology comes with built-in BI and reporting features that streamline reporting activities. You will be able to track parking operations, revenues and costs in real-time, then use this data to improve parking, staff and customer-facing activities.
  6. Improve the customer experience: Harness the data and insights you need to reduce congestion and improve the customer experience. Offer ticketless garages, implement smart parking sensors, deliver real-time traveler information services and set dynamic pricing models to increase revenues. Meet the needs and expectation of parking customers with these and more digital options.

Take the First Step toward Your Digital Transformation

As with many government processes, it’s difficult to justify expenditures for new technology. However, a powerful parking management solution will deliver the functionality and returns you need at a price easy to justify. Download our case study to learn how municipal parking organizations are using technology to optimize parking operations and increase revenues. Contact us for additional guidance and support as you begin your journey toward digital transformation.

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