Automated payments within Dynamics 365

Automated payments within Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a leading ERP for business solutions. As such, it adapts to your unique business challenges and helps you surpass them. Dynamics 365 can fully integrate third-party solutions that enhance its capabilities to their full potential. Pangea Group can help you find a proven third-party accounts payable (AP) automation solution that works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 and helps your business reach its productivity goals.

How does AP Automation work?

AP automation is the technology that creates an automated workflow for invoice processing and paying. Tasks that were previously done by workers can now be managed within Dynamics 365. All you need to do is upload the invoice, via scan or capture, and the system will do the rest of the process.

AP automation solutions allow you to pay vendor invoices automatically, freeing up individuals to focus on other, value-adding tasks. Although there are several ways to do this, including Dynamics 365’s basic processing features, we recommend using stand-alone cloud solutions. Pangea offers this service, built to suit your unique needs, regardless of industry.

For example, when you receive a new invoice you just need to convert it to a digital format. Then, the AP automation solution will capture the information, match the data within the system and then post it to the ERP for the corresponding payment. This process works seamlessly and automatically from the Microsoft cloud.

AP automation also creates reports and insights based on invoice data. Access real-time data and processing rates so your financial team can better visualize the processes, measure performance, identify needed improvements, and have better control over your company’s finances.

AP Automation works well in Multi-Entity instances. Whether you have 1 or 100 companies, this solution manages invoices and approvals and ensures regulations compliance within each Legal Entity.

This solution’s only task is to process and pay vendor invoices, so its software works smoothly and seamlessly within Dynamics 365 without slowing it down or affecting other simultaneous processes. Pangea is willing and ready to help you implement a proven AP Automation solution for your unique needs.

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