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Discover the benefits Atlantic Sapphire is getting with Pangea Group and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Atlantic Sapphire

Currently, the largest land-based RAS (Recirculated Aquaculture System) salmon farm in the world. With the primary facility in the USA and an additional facility in Denmark, where their Bluehouse research and innovation center is. The Denmark Bluehouse was the critical first step in proving the concept of the sustainable land-based raising of Atlantic Salmon.


Managing farming operations across two countries and accounting for three countries was causing challenges in reporting, logistics, and consolidation. The Atlantic Sapphire team realized that without a robust ERP that could “plug and play” across these facilities and multiple countries, they would not be able to efficiently manage operations while increasing visibility across the organization.  


Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, Pangea was able to consolidate operations, control purchasing and inventory, manage critical RAS assets, and create a shared services accounting department across 3 Legal Entities.


End-to-End integration of financials across three legal entities with operations. Track products from start to finish with costing information on all inputs (feed, oxygen, etc.) at every step of the process.

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