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Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a cloud-based marketing platform that allows you to plan, execute and analyze each step of your campaigns, engaging your prospects across all touchpoints.

Manage and guide the customer through the sales funnel designing a comprehensive customer journey powered by precise insights and a Lead score system.

Turn prospects into business relationships

Unify your marketing and sales team providing a single source of analytics and an improved communication channel with top-class collaboration tools such as Office 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables personalized multi-channel campaign capabilities to discover and nurture more sales qualified leads. Drive brand awareness and utilize your customer journey data to improve your sales team decision making.


Comprehensive Customer Journeys

  • Design personalized customer journeys for each campaign, gather data for each prospects interaction and deliver a seamless experience for them.
  • Anticipate a conversion creating a lead score model utilizing your organization’s criteria providing your team the necessary insights to convert a lead into a client.

Easily design digital resources

  • Utilize the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing canvas to craft beautiful and responsive emails with a user-friendly drag and drop interface to send on your campaigns.
  • Track, measure and convert your prospects interactions designing responsive landing pages utilizing the same drag and drop canvas.


Dynamics 365
for Marketing only

Includes 10,000 Contacts



Per month

Dynamics 365 for Marketing
with customer engagement application

Includes 10,000 Contacts



Per month

Dynamics 365 for Marketing
with customer engagement plan

Includes 2,000 Contacts


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