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Parking Solutions


We work with local government parking authorities, transit authorities as well as private parking companies to help them coordinate and consolidate their information and processes in one, integrated system.

ParkProERP Parking Facility Management suite has modernized parking management and tracking and has allowed parking authorities to be more profitable and predictable, responsive to their customers and employees, and able to comply with local government/constituent requirements.


“We reached out to a lot of companies and we appreciated that Pangea came in and spent the better part of a day with us analyzing what we do and how we do it. In the end, we felt they understood our industry and goals, and they were able to offer a ‘modular’ solution that allowed us a lot of flexibility moving forward which was very important.”

- Henry Espinosa

Director of Information Technology for Miami Parking Authority

Surpass your Parking Challenges with Pangea’s very own Parking Solution

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  • Drive improvement with Pangea’s dedicated solution for Parkings

We designed a powerful custom solution for Parkings, learn more about its capabilities here.

  • Focused on Dynamics 365

With more than 10 years of focus on Microsoft Dynamics implementation services and industry-wide solutions, our team will help your organization take full advantage of the functionality within Dynamics 365.

  • We are committed to your success

Our primary objective is to streamline daily operations, train your team for maximum self-sufficiency, knock down business silos, and be your long-term Dynamics 365 partner.

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