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Food and Beverage

Accelerate your production processes

The Food and Beverage industry faces unique challenges to achieve operational success. Pangea Group works with food distributors across the industry spectrum to help overcome those challenges. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations provides a complete and modern platform to elevate performance, reduce costs, track the lifecycle of a product from start to finish, quality assurance and process controls to help you deliver a safe consumable product to your customers.

  • Customized production processes: Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Business offers deep insight into your production process, helps you visualize capacity and scheduling which helps catch potential problems before they arise.
  • Ensure compliance across the supply chain: Track operations, serials and lots to ensure compliance as well as quality checks at every step of the product lifecycle to meet regulatory requirements

  • Empower your team: Our food and beverage solution allows your employees to use intelligent workspaces powered by Office 365 integrated applications to process automation, task prioritization
  • Reduce operations costs: Agile, customizable, and scalable for almost any size business, our food and beverage solution delivers detailed reports of your processes and operations to track material usage and production alterations to maximize your manufacturing and labor capacity.

Modeled for the future
Whatever you envision for your company, we are here to help you create a foundation to support it. So, you can have a solid base for today, and build toward whatever happens down the road.
Efficient production
Our innovative food and beverage solution analyzes production cost and requirements for each component of a sales order using graphical representations of multi-level formulas and recipes.
Access to real-time data to adapt your inventory status for any item with an efficient management system to fulfill the industry demand.

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