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Enhance your production processes

Manufactures need to constantly innovate and evolve in order to accelerate processes production, deliver quality goods and increase profit margins.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations provides a modern and user-friendly platform to help you control and visualize your entire operations in order to drive continuous improvement and long term success for your enterprise.

  • Smarter operations: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations allows you to define, manage and control multiple outputs related with your production process to achieve operational excellence.
  • Better visibility through the supply chain: Access to critical data required to complete the manufacturing process and ensure inventory levels. Capacity planning, Master Demand and intercompany planning, Quality assurance and transportation routes ensure you have visibility across the whole Lifecyle of your goods

  • Ensure your production: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations allows you to monitor production requirements such as components, materials, resources, machines and employees to guarantee your schedule and orders are fulfilled
  • Effective planning and scheduling: Agile and Flexible. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Master Planning allows you generates Purchase orders across legal entities potentially helping you lower item costs. Demand Planning in conjunction with Azure Machine Learning allows your organization to take advantage of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence to provide deep insights and generate actionable demand forecasts.

Reduce risks across your production processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations manufacturing solution allows you to standardize processes and share best practices across your company and additional legal entities to guarantee quality control across your products.
Modeled for the future
Whatever you envision for your company, we are here to help you create a foundation to support it. So, you can have a solid foundation for today, and be prepared for future changes, wherever they may arise.
Microsoft provides you with the tools to help you dial into operations and help improve them utilizing Microsoft Power BI, Azure Machine Learning as well as the Optimization Advisor.

We work with local government parking authorities, helping them coordinate and consolidate their information and processes in one, integrated system. Our innovative, modernized parking solution allows parking authorities


Pangea Group works with Cruise Lines assisting them coordinate data and processes under one integrated system. Utilizing integrations with the most common ship and shore side systems we are able to track and consolidate every transaction


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