Intelligence in Digital Times: Microsoft IoT and AI make their way

Intelligence in Digital Times: Microsoft IoT and AI make their way

Microsoft IoT and AI are the right paths for your business’ improvement and optimization in digital times. Digital transformation (the utilization of the right technology to empower people and organizations, and allow them to unleash their full potential) is just by the corner of the street.

In this article, I am going to show you what Microsoft IoT and AI are and how they enhance business operations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Microsoft IoT is a collection of cloud services that connect, control and monitor several assets. It is composed of many IoT devices like back-end services and communications between them.

Microsoft IoT Devices

Generally, they are circuit boards with sensors that connect to the internet or that communicate though Wi-Fi chips. For example, accelerometers in an elevator, temperature sensors in air conditioning units, pressure sensors in oil pumps, and more.

The communications between IoT devices can work in several ways. Such as, your device sends temperature data from a refrigerator truck every minute to an IoT Hub, or the back-end service requests a device to send frequent information to run a diagnose about a problem.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Different from the Microsoft IoT, AI is described as “Computing which imitates human perceptions and thought” (Microsoft Azure).

The capabilities of AI are possible though big data, powerful algorithms, and cloud-based technology. It works within embedded applications like Office 365, Dynamics 365, Skype, Teams, and more by providing cognitive services and bot framework.

Cognitive services of Microsoft AI

  • Vision: Capable of understanding images and video to process faces and feelings.
  • Speech: Capable of hearing and speaking to identify intentions.
  • Language: Capable of processing text and recognizing what users want to predict intentions.
  • Knowledge: Integrated with academic knowledge, entity linking, and exploration to provide recommendations and create a Q&A marker.
  • Search: Capable of browsing information and accessing billions of web pages, videos and news.
  • Labs: Provides an early look at emerging cognitive services.

Through cognitive services, AI can learn, evaluate, decide, and assist you in decision making, finding solutions, and bringing intelligence and wisdom to business situations.

Technology advances in immeasurable ways every day. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Intelligence of Things (IoT) are no longer a thing of the future. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has adopted and implemented these capabilities that may simplify your operations. We, at Pangea Group, are prepared for this era.

How Microsoft IoT and AI function

Dynamics 365 Field Service has a mobile app that allows field workers to have all their information at hand. A machine can create an alert when something seems wrong; the ERP receives it and automatically sends a worker to the location. The mobile app will contain the data generated by IoT and the necessary steps to solve the issue. This app also has an AI through, that assists the field technician if needed.

Both AI and IoT prove to be useful and even crucial in this modern, competitive business landscape.

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