Manage Asset Maintenance Plans Effortlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Asset Management

Manage Asset Maintenance Plans Effortlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Asset Management

We understand the struggle many companies face at the time of managing and tracking predictive maintenance plans regarding their vast number of assets. For that reason, in this blog, I would like to briefly describe how to ease your maintenance management work utilizing powerful business software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Let us hop right into it!

1.    Easily keep track of your company’s assets

How do you track every asset and maintenance job performed when there 10,000’s of assets within the company? With Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you will be able to overcome such challenges. Utilizing Enterprise Asset Management, where you can easily set up maintenance plans based on time periodicity or when the asset reaches certain conditions (weight, hours, voltage, others).

It also allows you to create work orders according to the specifications of the maintenance plan you created with the “Open maintenance schedule lines” and the “Responsible maintenance workers” page to consult pending maintenance jobs, set up who will oversee a specific Functional Location, Asset, Maintenance Jobs, Types of Assets, and more.

So, for example, if you have a drum filter that needs lubrication every month, you can set up a maintenance plan in Asset Management with a monthly periodicity to create a work order and assign it to a specific worker. That way, you will not need to manually keep track of every asset maintenance job, but rely on the business software to provide full visibility across all your assets and maintenance plans.

Asset Management Maintenance Plans

2.    Forecast maintenance plans cost and time beforehand

Avoid the risk of generating additional charges to your maintenance plans and jobs. With “maintenance job defaults,” you can create a forecast that indicates items, time, and costs that will be used for a maintenance job under specific circumstances, so planning and assigning can be made beforehand.

If your drum filter needs lubrication every month, then you assign the items, time, and budget as default. So, every time that the work order is created, you will indicate all the items, features, processes, and money you and your worker will need to perform the task while avoiding additional or unnecessary costs. The solution allows you to maintain the exact amount required for the task every month, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations reports it.

Automation and digitalization can make your maintenance management easier, more productive, and efficient while providing control across operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations can help you optimize the way you work, to start implementing a new set of innovative ideas that will lead you to reach your expected growth and accomplish your goals.

Thank you for reading this blog!

I hope it helped you to understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations can help you improve operations in a way that will change for the better the process of preventive maintenance planning within your company.

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