Migrating to the Microsoft cloud: the right decision for your business

Migrating to the Microsoft cloud: the right decision for your business

Everyday more companies are migrating to the cloud to acquire the capability to work from any location or device, secure their information  and work without hardware dependence. The Microsoft cloud represents a disruption for companies, because can modernize existing investments to continue providing a strategic advantage in a competitive industry.

The digital world is advancing and services, solutions and products are connected to the Microsoft cloud. To succeed in this era, business leaders must embrace a digital transformation in their companies to develop their operations efficiently. This includes both: technology and new ways of connecting people and processes.

In this way, cloud technologies are at the center of the digital transformation revolution. The cloud is critical for the companies that want to be successful in this new business model. I have found many benefits to adopting the Microsoft cloud, like costs reduction, efficiency boost, innovation and data security.

In this order, exist different solutions and software to help organizations make the transition to the Microsoft cloud, for example: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This all-in-one cloud ERP business management solution allows you to integrate multiple systems into one, while providing access to your information from any location in the world. Everything works in the secure Microsoft cloud, so your data safety and accessibility is guaranteed.

Discover the core benefits of migrating to the Microsoft cloud with
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In order to succeed, companies must embrace new ways of connecting processes to create value and achieve their objectives. If you´re thinking on moving to the cloud, I want to share you the core benefits of migrating.

1.Reduce costs

Cloud computing offers considerably costs-savings your company because allows the capability to optimize your budget reducing operational and maintenance costs. Usually, IT departments spend a large part of the budget in hardware maintenance. If you decide moving to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will avoid the fixed costs associated with on-premise hardware because Microsoft manage it.

Also, you will reduce your expends related with costly multi-year upgrades, because Microsoft manages upgrades and hotfixes directly. So, you’ll be always on the latest available version.

2.No hardware dependence

To acceded you information with an on-premise service, you need a desktop. With a cloud-based software, as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you are always connected. You will obtain a complete end-to-end view of your business processes. Access to your critical data on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone with the same experience anyplace.

That also means that you will take a competitive advantage through the platform’s flexibility. In this order, you will visualize customer information, create sales orders, review and approve quotes and purchase orders from any place in the world. This enables you to move more quickly, without the need to spend considerable time on infrastructure planning.

3.Decisions powered by Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes Power BI to help you create mission critical dashboards with powerful built-in analytics. For this reason, you’ll proactively inform and guide employees to intelligent decision making for the growth of your organization.

4.Secure your critical data

Microsoft’s cloud helps you ensure your business continuity trough continuous backups of your data and systems. The recovery function replicates workloads to a secondary location. So, when an outage occurs, instead of stopping your business operations, you will access to your data from there direct to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  In this scenario, you can protect your data and applications to avoid costly business interruptions.

This just a brief approach of the benefits that the Microsoft cloud offers to your organization. If you require more information, feel free to contact us here to give you more details about the Microsoft cloud capabilities.

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