Mixed Reality is the new Reality

Mixed Reality is the new Reality

Computing is embedded in our world,
in every place, and in everything.

– Satya Nadella

In a competitive and ever-changing world, keeping up with technological advancements is a must. For this reason, Microsoft launched Mixed Reality solutions for Dynamics 365 in October 2018. With the new April 2019 release, Microsoft made improvements to the existing capabilities and released new ones. Their features help employees work smarter, faster, and more efficiently while improving cross-team collaboration. These solutions used to work with HoloLens only, but Mixed Reality solutions are now available for mobile devices as well.

One of the new capabilities of Mixed Reality is Dynamics 365 Product Visualize, available only on iOS devices for now and the Microsoft HoloLens. Product Visualize uses augmented reality to showcase and customize products in their real environment. It allows customers to interact with the 3D hologram as an actual product. On the other hand, the Remote Assist capability is available on HoloLens and Android only. This solution is intended to help field workers receive guidance from specialized colleagues, minimizing error range while saving time and resources. The new April update enabled group calls. As a result, complex processes such as remote inspections or maintenance with multiple experts can become more efficient, as traveling won’t be needed.

Mixed Reality in your business

Mixed Reality enhances the capabilities of Dynamics 365, allowing different industries and companies to take advantage of what suits them most. Medical centers can train and prepare their interns with holographic simulations; manufacturing companies can empower their employees to work more efficiently with instructions on-site in real-time. Cruise Lines can design 3D models of their rooms before actually building them. Mixed Reality solutions benefit several industries. These capabilities are available with Microsoft HoloLens and in mobile devices, but most importantly they are possible thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions.

Microsoft is relying heavily on new technology to bring the best solutions to its customers. As a Microsoft partner, Pangea can help your company grow and achieve all its goals with the advantages Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides. Contact us at contact@grouppangea.com for further information or to schedule a demo.

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