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We are constantly striving to provide better service and visibility into your account. Our support team is continually engaging with you to solve any incident, requirements or any information you need to run your systems and business.

Constant and transparent communication are key to achieve efficiency in any project, solving any issue and ensuring a smooth process.

Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement have access to our Customer Self-Service Portal which allows our clients to view all of their cases and response times, so they are fully informed and up to date on their pending support.

Our Customer self-service portal is designed with you in mind. Within the portal you may:

  • View all your open and closed support cases
  • View each cases email history and tracking
  • Run time to close reports on each support case as per your SLA

  • Open cases directly in the portal
  • View multiple metrics and identify frequency of the type of cases to identify training opportunities for your team.

Our customer experience is customized to help, accelerate response times and solve your issue as soon as possible.