Published Tuesday June 9, 2020

Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management System facilitates inventory management in land-based aquaculture

Efficiently storing and handling the inventory represents one of the most relevant goals of supply chains in any industry. To attain this objective, organizations should always be supported on a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that enables users to control the stock, tracks physical units across storerooms and guarantees the traceability of the entire process from […]


Keep your RAS up and running using Dynamics 365 Enterprise Asset Management

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) are very complex processes consisting of a closed system of water cleansing. In this system, the water from the tanks is flowed out to pass filtering, degassing, and oxygenation process just to flow back into the tanks, and the cycle repeats. One of the challenges this kind of system encounters is […]


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Multi-Entity, Multinational Financials’ Implementation

We recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management for the largest land-based salmon aquaculture farm in the world across three countries, USA, Denmark, and Norway. The implementation included full Financials as well as Operations (Warehouse Management, Asset Management, Production Control, etc.) and required our team to be onsite working […]

Published Monday June 8, 2020

Simplify your Procurement Process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can assist your firm in centralizing and managing the purchase requisitions from each area of your organization, controlling the approval process, and taking advantage of the consolidation opportunities while having unified data to further reporting and analysis, thus, simplifying the procurement process. Throughout this blog, I will highlight the […]

Published Thursday May 28, 2020

Effortlessly Handle Expenses with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Expense Management Capabilities

Managing expenses in organizations can be a time-intensive and error-prone process, especially if your expense management software is not embedded in your accounting system

Published Friday April 24, 2020

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 help CFOs transition to the digital era

Financial professionals, and CFOs especially, are experiencing significant changes in their roles


Wireless Infrastructure wins with Microsoft Dynamics 365

All industries benefit from being able to track expenses and revenue at a granular level. The wireless infrastructure (WI) industry is no exception. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built to meet the wireless industry’s unique requirements thanks to robust and full-featured core design.


3 key features you need to know about Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations localization

Some people confuse “localization” with “internationalization,” but there is a clear difference between those two concepts. A localization is the process of adapting a product, content or operation to a specific location or a target market; in our case Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) Internationalization is to prepare a product, […]


10 Microsoft Updates for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations that you need to know

The Microsoft updates will present new capabilities for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations in different areas such as compliance, performance, supportability, and automation to introduce self-customized features, improve user experience, and enhance the return of investment. All these and more in its 2019 Dynamics 365 release wave 2 plan. Today, I want to briefly display […]

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